What Makes Us Different?

Foreclosure CleanUp Services, LLC is a Woman-Owned Property Preservation and REO Vendor company. Founded by Dawn Selden and Reginald Selden in 2007, we built our business by providing services in challenging areas such as Philadelphia, PA and Baltimore, MD for BAC Field Services. Since then we’ve been recognized as one of the region’s best known for quality Property Preservation and REO work.

Foreclosure CleanUp Services, LLC offers an array of services that protect and preserve our client’s collateral throughout the period of the foreclosure process or the sale of property. We thoroughly understand our client’s needs and stay on top of the continual changes in all investor/insurer guidelines’, ensuring all work is completed in accordance with the applicable specifications. Our turn-around times are some of the fastest the industry has to offer including 24 hour occupancy checks and rekeys and 90% of total initial service order completion within 3 days. We service many counties in PENNSYLVANIA, NEW JERSEY, DELAWARE, and MARYLAND.

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